~ the pause ~



We are always measuring
Our achievements,
our waists,
our distance from and to.
And time.
How long will it take?
Why aren’t I there yet?
When will I be happy, successful, free?
As if they are outcomes.
Something we can assess, arrive at, arrange.
Something, we can strive towards, be assured of.
As if they are outside of us.
Or we lost them.
As if we have never known them.
Or may never do so.

It is half way through the year.
Another measure.
A place to pause,
to compare.
Then with now,
before with after,
me with them.

Take some time.
and rest.

how about today we decide
to drop the need
to double check our progress?
How about just for this moment,
we put aside the future thoughts
and past memories
and simply become aware
of our breath?

Let us pay attention
as we take
a long, slow inhale.
Let’s feel it move through our body.
This breath.
Bare breath.
Pure breath.
Natural breath.

How many in the past hour did you notice?
How many in the past decade?
Let us look at our bodies.
They are the radiant reflection,
the fullness of the divine
dancing in our every move.
So perfect, in so many ways.
Yes, they become ill,
and parts break,
disintegrate and grow old.
But let’s observe how our bodies
give and receive
both life and death
in so many ways.
How they do this
without comment or obstruction,
every single moment.
Without our awareness or approval.
Without our need to intervene.
Or control.

It is the half way point of the year.
Let us press the pause button
on our mind
and reflect upon
our breath and our bodies.
Let us love them for the precious and near perfect, set of miracles that they perform every moment.
Let us notice,
without comparison or discontent
how magical this moment can be
when we give it our full attention.

Let us give thanks
for both our breath and our body,
for graciously allowing
this human experience.
For generously
creating and sustaining
our intimate interaction with life.
For blessing us with gifts
that when gone,
mean our possibilities for peace
in this moment
are gone too.

(C) Chandu Bickford