~ beyond ~

Beneath the raging sea of separation
Below the whirlpools wild and wrought with wrong and right
Beyond the painful threats of ancient aneurysms
Births a brand new day in us without the fight.

It’s not asking us to run, nor drop our standards
It’s not wanting us to submit, nor to succumb
It is asking us to feel the fullness of our feelings
To honour both our hurt and hope, beyond what’s numb.

It is sitting very quietly on the sidelines
Patient, gentle, in its nature, kind and true
Beyond the schoolyard fights and years of old name calling
It brings an honest reckoning, to me and you.

So go, scream out your sacred rage until it’s over
Howl out your sorrow deep into the night
Let your bodies shake and quake with fear and terror
But know, that we will make it through this night.

(C) Chandu Bickford