~ on courage ~

and acts of courage
are not always loud or bold.
They are often small decisions, seemed simple choices –
to think, say or do something differently.
To challenge ourselves
to face down a fear
to forgo an unhealthy habit
to forgive, let go and move on.

Courage is about making continual choices –
to follow our heart
to do the right thing
to believe in ourselves and our dreams.

Courage is not a one-off event.
It is a daily consideration.
An everyday effort.
Moment by moment.
Step by step.
One big breath in, followed by another.

When things are changing or unstable we need more courage.
When we are wanting to create change, courage is the constant reservoir from which we draw.

Courage is not just a ‘Yes’ to what we do want.
It can also be a strong and clear, ‘No’.
To that which no longer serves us.
To what is unacceptable. Not ok.

Courage, comes in many forms.
It can be silence or shouting.
Movement or stillness.
Action or inaction.

It is often found in the steely, unspoken determination of ordinary people – people who have extraordinary stamina and extraordinary dreams.

Look for it around you.
Seek out the souls who strive beyond their suffering.
Be a witness to the wonder beyond our wounding.
Hunt for everyday heroes.
And observe the courageous hearts of others out there in the world.
May they inspire and en-courage you
to follow your own.


(C) Chandu Bickford 2018
Artist – Duy Huynh Art