~ our beloved ones ~

It is ending.

It is always ending – our life, the season, the moment, the day.
It leaves us, finishes so soon, moves on, passes away.

Or we do.
We choose a different route
or stop, stay still
and watch it’s sweet procession pass us by.

The skin, the blood, the breath
with which we were born
has long ago left, been replaced
replaced again
as we were ravaged, relished
and re-moved
from ourselves and the memories and milestones that no longer serve us, that no longer exist.

This constant recalibration keeps us safe, fresh, vital, alive.

We gather, we focus
for but a moment.
Make contact, gaze deeply into
the hearts, the eyes
in to the mirror
of ourselves or another.

We move so fast
the remnants of our relationships
the recognition and real moments of meaning
and often only stop and pause
when we are pierced
with deep pain
or are caught at a poignant place
too pleasurable to not pursue.

As the end of the year presses upon us
as we are permitted rest and provided with opportunities to reflect,
let us practice catching life’s precious moments with both hands.

May we snatch them off the shelves of our seemed ordinary existence and appreciate and share them with the ones we love.

May we spread them and their simple joy, before us like a banquet, and invite others to join with us and dine.

We each have a smorgasbord of sweet and sour stolen moments – they are made up of our decisions, our dramas and discernment.
They have been secreted into our hearts, tattooed and woven into the fine fabric of our lives.
They help us recreate ourselves.
Over time they become who we are – the new fibres of our very own DNA.

We are here at yet another ending.
Our year, this season slips away.
Let us savour its magic.
Let us sit with it and those we love, a little longer.

Let us say goodbye to what no longer serves us, without remorse, guilt or regret.

Let us pause between our thoughts and breaths and become very aware, very present.

And may we then present ourselves and our lives, with all our imperfections, as precious gifts to those we love.

May we offer up our true and loving hearts to the extended family we have created and formed – those with bonds beyond blood and birth.

The family that we choose – our friends, community and sisters of the heart – the ones that live beyond the endings.

And may we give thanks for the gift of them – our beloved ones.

The ones who have loved and stayed with us through all of our endings.
The ones who still believe in us,
who are willing to help birth all that we are yet to become.
The beloved ones who are part of our every new beginning
still waiting to be born.

(C) Chandu Bickford 2018

Artist credit – “The daughter of the daughter of the daughter” by Julie Dillon.