~ structure ~

Sometimes, our life situations can feel precarious.

Like there are so few supports or threads holding them all together.

Try as we may to keep upright, to maintain the illusion that things are healthy and intact, sometimes we simply have to let them go.
We have to expose them, allow them to fall apart.

This can be painful and messy.
But once we realise we can no longer support the heaviness and weight of their current dysfunctional from, once we release them, there can be a great sense of relief and freedom.

When the old structures no longer serve us, it is time to start again.
We do not have to detonate our homes or destroy our relationships, but we may need to completely re-vision them or seriously renovate. This can take care, time and commitment – tough conversations, big decisions, frank honesty with yourself and others.

It can feel disarming, and we are not always guaranteed of a particular result. But living outside of our truth, outside of our integrity, is both overwhelming and exhausting.

The apparent hardship of starting again isn’t always true.
The energy we put into maintaining old, outdated structures is often times harder and more draining than creating something new.
It is normal to be fearful of making changes, but sometimes we just have to.

In each moment we are given opportunities to begin again – be it in the way we think, the way we speak, how we spend our time, or in what we do.

We can keep propping up our old structures and outdated habits and ways, hoping they hold out a bit longer, or we can choose to make the courageous changes to honour ourselves and what we really want and need.

We can begin again at anytime.
We can collapse the old and then search amongst the wreckage to salvage what is still good and useful.
There is always treasure to be found.

We can start again.
Our hearts will always show us how.

(C) Chandu Bickford 2019