~ temporary ~


When things are tough it is hard to see an end to our suffering.

When illness, hardship, loneliness and heartbreak visit our lives, they can create a sense of darkness and fog that cloud our minds and make it tough to see a future beyond.

The storms they create, and our subsequent reactions, can magnify or multiply the initial issue, and suddenly we can find ourselves completely overwhelmed.

Whether it’s losing our job, a series of unexpected expenses, a romantic betrayal or serious illness, the fact that it is unwanted and unwelcome, can trigger fear, old wounds and a sense of dogged, deep resistance. 

Further reactions can then arise  – from rage, to rebellion, from drama to depression, from feeling distracted to deep and lasting despair.

We cannot close our eyes and pretend these things don’t happen.

We cannot avoid life and it’s subsequent suffering.

For just as light has its shadow, health, abundance, love and trust are always accompanied by their opposites.

But we can try to remember, even in our bleakest moments, that hardship is not permanent, that it will end.

When we take the time and look from the outside at another’s life, we can see without the blinkers, be objective and supportive. We can bring a little light and perspective to their situation, to help them through.

For ourselves, when caught in its clutches, it can be much harder to rise above the situation, to see its transience, it’s temporary nature. 

We can feel that things will never end, change or pass us by.

Life’s situations and our feelings, just like the weather, are always changing.

Honour them – their variety and vicissitudes.

Don’t block or ignore them. 

But don’t let temporary feelings take up permanent residency in your mind and in your heart. 

Remember, everything is temporary.

Everything comes and goes.


(C) Chandu Bickford