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Welcome back to Paperback Writer podcast, with Cathryn and Zack on radio Blue Mountains at 89.1 FM; Chandu Bickford joins us.

Chandu talks about her background growing up in the bush and how it reflects her writing. Hear what she has to say about living in East Africa for 10 years and the international business she grew in such a primitive time, back in the ’90s. To the beautiful woman she is today, in her current successful business.
Zack asks Chandu about how her experiences and stories are reflected in her writing.

Listen as Chandu reads her award-winning Regenesis short story “Narrow Neck.”

Enjoy an Listen Here…

About Chandu Bickford
About Chandu Bickford

For twenty years I have been leading groups & inspiring & facilitating change.
I truly love hosting my own personal and self development retreats for Women - where by holding space I am able to support them in powerfully choosing to live the sovereign life that they deeply love.

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