Beautiful Blue Mountains – 2024 Calendar – SOLD OUT

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It’s that time of year and we’re all thinking of those who are special to us and how to show our love.

If you’re looking for something that is – 

  • Beautiful and practical
  • Brings joy and inspiration for a whole year
  • Unique and limited edition
  • Created by a local and is fully made in Australia
  • Affordable and
  • Easily shipped to anywhere in the world.

Buy yourself and your loved ones a calendar!

In the past years my calendar’s have flown to New Zealand, the UK, Japan, The United States of America and all over Australia.

Each month offers you an original photograph and an inspiring poem to create feelings of inspiration, beauty and hope.

Purchase a bundle and bring joy to all your family and friends.

Chandu Bickford is an artist, poet, creative mentor and lover of wild land.

She was was raised and has lived much of her life in the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park and has always been inspired by its rugged beauty.

Chandu says,

“Nature provides endless moments of reflection and hope for us all.

May these images and words reach into your heart and re-ignite a little of what is wild and beautiful in your life.”

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Welcome to a new year.

We don’t know what’s going to happen. Or what the terrain might look like.

But wherever we live and whatever our view, this calendar will help transform your home or office into a place of beauty with its colourful images and uplifting words.

Hi. I’m Chandu – an artist, poet, creative and lover of wild land.

I spend as much time as I can in nature and have carefully selected photographs from my collection and paired each with an original poem to help bring monthly inspiration to you for the year ahead.

The Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park is one of the most stunning places on the planet.

Its timeless spirit and beauty provide endless moments of reflection and hope for us all.

May these images and words reach into your heart and re-ignite a little of what is wild and beautiful in your life.

Order your calendar now so we can begin our inspiring journey together.

Additional information

Weight.0055 kg
Dimensions30 × 21 × 1 cm

Individual, 5 Pieces

7 reviews for Beautiful Blue Mountains – 2024 Calendar – SOLD OUT

  1. Kaori

    Chandu’s calendar is simply beautiful. Through her poetry and photography, you can feel the mountain air, as you stand looking across the valleys, touching the trees, and focusing on a flower deep in the forest. The calendar will be your companion for the year.

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thank you Kaori. I deeply appreciate your comments.

  2. Tania Grasseschi (verified owner)

    An inspiring calendar! Beautiful photos and such words of wisdom.

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thnk you for lovely comments Tania. May the Calendar inspire you throughout the year!

  3. Zoe B

    These calendars are so very special. The look the texture the words. I am excited to gift these calendars.

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thank you Zoe. What a lovely idea to gift the calendars to others.

  4. Zoe B (verified owner)

    These calendars are very special. They have a beautiful texture, beautiful pictures and beautiful words.

  5. Cassandra May (verified owner)

    Gorgeous calendar photos and poetry. Chandu you have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your beauty ❤️

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thank you. So glad it inspires you. C xx

  6. Trish Doyle MP

    It was a joy to gift your calendar to my staff, family and friends last year, Chandu. Your words of wisdom, peace and calm alongside your beautiful images are enriching and uplifting! I encourage people to consider these heart-warming calendars as precious gifts – and inspire the New Year ahead.

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thank you for your kind words and support of my small local offering Trish. It is a joy to know my words and work can inspire others.

  7. Claudia (verified owner)

    I purchased a calendar for myself. It was hand delivered by Chandu (as I live locally) at a time when my day had been hectic; overloaded with work and life admin. After receiving it, I sat and looked through it, and spent the time looking at the gorgeous photos and beautiful poetry. Thanks Chandu for a wonderful gift.

    • Chandu Bickford

      Thank you Claudia. I hope your calendar brings you a whole year of joy and inspiration.

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