We all work hard. We move, individually and together through good times and bad as we work towards achieving our goals.
But how often do we stop and pause? Check in on each other? Ourselves and really re-assess our direction, our goals and motives?

I am always inspired by diversity, projects, creativity and teams who wish to stretch beyond their edges. But we all can use a little support, a little relief and help to review our processes and dreams as we work towards them.
That’s where I come in.
I offer creative work-teams and individuals like yours an opportunity to review, re-set and re-ignite your dreams and goals.
Together we create ways to celebrate your successes and leave behind what no longer serves you.

Part ceremony, part review, part planning process, these gatherings and workshops offer you and your valued staff and team a fun, insightful and memorable opportunity to reconnect with yourselves, your passion and each other. We can come to your venue or host off site, refreshments and resources can be arranged.
Together we tailor make a 3-5 hour fully facilitated completion, integration and re-creation session for you and your staff.
Afterwards, you may wish to gather for a shared meal or drinks.

Perfect for the end of year, beginning of a new project or its end, or when staff and team members are about to move on.

I have been facilitating groups and hosting similar processes for organisations for several years, with fantastic results.

Would you love an opportunity to share your ideas about how you would love to complete and celebrate the good work of your team?
I’m listening.
Let’s connect at to book a complimentary conversation.