Self Care is a Secret Weapon

I’ve always considered myself a pacifist.
But there are some weapons that don’t involve violence, force or harm.
One of them is self care.

Like many things, self care has become a commodity.
A product in a pretty package we can purchase off the shelf.
There are lots of lovely things we can buy and do for ourselves that feel caring.
But if we’re not addressing some of the more fundamental elements of self care, we may be missing out.

Self care is way more than bubble baths and bright new nail polish.

Deep self care includes
– setting boundaries
– acknowledging our inner needs and
– speaking our truth

It’s about caring for our hearts and our homes.
Prioritising our dreams and taking courageous steps to make them more than a mere possibility.
When we are caring for ourselves deeply, we listen to our inner voice and sometimes unearth uncomfortable truths we may not want to hear.
(I’m bored by my job, I feel lonely in my relationship, I’m scared to try new things).

We listen and we find ways to take small, courageous steps towards living a more honest and fulfilling life.

Women who care for themselves in these ways feel more calm, aligned, inspired and ultimately, more empowered to live their lives with a sense of agency.
Their weapon, if you like, is that they have more clarity and confidence.
They feel they can trust themselves to go after what they want. And they do.

Sharing tools for deep self care is a cornerstone of my work and a fundamental pillar of my Transitions Program.

Without strong foundations things may feel superficial – just fluff and bubbles.
We may end up just bobbing along on thesurface of life, but underneath we might feel stuck, empty and lifeless.

If you’d love more depth, clarity, calm and direction, dive into our Transitions Program on Feb 15th.