Transition Program for Women

travelling well through times of change

You’re moving through change, or you know it’s time to make some in your life. It may be work or career related, it may revolve around your intimate relationships or family, it may be something very quiet inside that’s senses time is running out to do what you love or a voice within screaming for a space to be heard and harkened to.

You’ve tried things before, you know you are built for more or better, but something is blocking you, blindsiding your attempts to breakthrough. You’re intuitive and know your heart and body have their own brilliant wisdom and an ability to help you find your way. You’re done playing in the shallows and are ready to commit to a process of real inquiry.

It’s time for sustainable change and to start living the way you want to – aligned, enlivened and alive.


If this is you it’s time to join us.

Bring your open mind and heart and I’ll bring all my years of study and practice, as well as my skills and knowledge and together we’ll move through this together. The Transitions Program is a vibrant, dynamic and deeply pragmatic support program where you’ll not only get to know yourself anew, you will recreate your life in ways you’ve only dared to dream!


Transitions Program Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Our Deep Dive Guided Program starting in Autumn 2022. If you are ready to open your heart, mind and soul to the greatness that lives inside you, enrol in our 8 week Level 1 program to start your journey.