Coach ~ Mentor ~ Guide

I tailor make intuitive programs for individuals, groups & organisations to support them through times of change, transition & transformation.

I offer specialised small group coaching for workplaces and organisations with a special focus on communication, customer service, team work & change.

I offer private coaching programs for individuals who wish to work on the diverse & multi faceted layers of their lives.

I love to work with both men and women who are ready for:
  • deep self enquiry & change
  • lasting, sustainable transformation
  • exploring opportunities to expand their creativity, dreams & purpose
  • choosing to live from their greatness.

Group Leader ~ Facilitator

I love people. Especially groups of people.

I love the energy, the collective wisdom, the inspiration, motivation & breakthroughs that happen in shared space.

I create short & longer term workshops & activities for organisations, industry & not for profits that:
  • boost team-building & team effectiveness
  • support better communication processes
  • increase creativity & inspiration in the workplace
  • promote the acceptance & transition of necessary change.
Benefits for workplaces &  groups include:
  • better communication & feelings of cohesion  between individuals & groups
  • greater understanding of group & individual needs
  • increased creativity & ability to creatively solve problems
  • increased ability for individuals to self reflect & self manage
  • better communication & understanding of organisational vision & values
Women’s Retreats

I create & host intimate, peaceful & inspiring one day & residential retreats to support individuals & groups on the deep journey’s of learning, growth & transformation.

Please see my events page for upcoming dates and venues.

Writer ~ Poet

I love words.

I love the quiet potency

the moment of opportunity

that sits poised


beneath a pen

as a poem forms

in my pulse.

I love the way words capture the curious, the chaotic and sometimes crushing truths we can’t we won’t touch.

Please see my poetry and blogs for my recent and archived writing.

Trainer & Mentor

Business and leadership are two powerful ways we can bring our passion into the world and make a positive impact.

As a trainer and mentor of both business and leadership, I bring my own inspiration and passion to fan the flames of your ideas and dreams.

Specialty areas include:

  • communication
  • customer service
  • presentation & interview skills
  • change & its management
  • culture, diversity & inclusion

Keynote Speaker ~ Story Teller

With passion, humility & humour, I bring my real life experiences as an Australian woman living & travelling Africa, India, China, Nepal & Tibet to your local audiences.

I draw on decades of thrilling travel & at times diabolically diverse lifestyle choices to tantalise & encourage audiences to reflect upon their own lives, unique gifts & circumstances.

I use story telling, poetry & prose, to help us all find our common ground. I speak not to the ears, but to the heart.