Becoming In the gully deep where the emerald moss curls thick and patches of sky, lie on slow moving water a silent invitation encourages us to shed our worldly cares,   to let them fall, like strips of bark from the gum outgrown last year’s skin and naked, slip like sunlight across the truth of […]


It’s almost two years since the first fires came through.The ground is still black in places.Scarred, charred, charcoal. I know we feel fear as the harsh fronts approach.Animals fret and flee.But I wonder about the plants. Unable to move or leave they bear the full brunt and burn. When the months of smoke had cleared […]


Hope So many times in life we find ourselves on the edge of the unknown. Letting go of the past. Having to open up to something new. The cusp of each ending and beginning can feel overwhelming. Can bring feelings of uncertainty and fear. And yet we cannot stand indefinitely at the door. If we […]

The Path

The Path The path is not always clear nor does the light always shine But when we wait expecting it to be so we will find our way.


Equinox And this evening I find such comfort in the quiet first turning of autumns leaves   as if summers, allowing acceptance of her own ending loosens my own fragile hold on yet another part of my past   and welcomes me to a subtle, deeper harvest of my own gentle heart.