So many times in life we find ourselves on the edge of the unknown.
Letting go of the past.
Having to open up to something new.

The cusp of each ending and beginning can feel overwhelming.
Can bring feelings of uncertainty and fear.
And yet we cannot stand indefinitely at the door.

If we are to grow,
if we are to continue to live and love,
we must go through.

At the threshold we have a choice
– to move forward with terror
or with hope.

Sometimes we carry a little of each.
A handful of mixed grief and loss.
Excitement and dread pulsing in our breast pocket.

We don’t know what awaits
what any outcome will be,
but we must take a step.

With eyes looking for the future.
With a heart knowing it waits for us.

About Chandu Bickford
About Chandu Bickford

For twenty years I have been leading groups & inspiring & facilitating change.
I truly love hosting my own personal and self development retreats for Women - where by holding space I am able to support them in powerfully choosing to live the sovereign life that they deeply love.

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