Upcoming Events with Chandu

TRANSITIONS PROGRAM – Travelling well through times of change. Starting September 15th.

A five week online program for women who want to live differently.

There are so many changes and challenges happening right now. It can make it feel  hard to find our focus, feel peaceful or calm. 

Over almost two decades, I’ve supported others through times of change. My work as a mentor, educator and coach has been focused heavily on supporting women through times of transition and growth in both their personal and professional lives.

To offer support at this time, I’ve created a five week program to help bring a sense of clarity, calm  and connection to our journey’s.

Whether we’re moving through changes in our relationships or family, our business, home life or career, our program provides opportunities for you to:

  • gain clarity and perspective on where you are right now
  • look at the options you have available, and
  • feel into what next steps you need to take to keep moving forward and towards your dream.

In our dedicated small group online space, we will use a mix of enquiry, sharing, conversation and guided meditation to explore our own relationship with change and how to move through it well. Join our small supportive group and learn the tools and techniques you need to make it through.



SPRING EQUINOX RETREAT – online event September 19th 2021

For many years I’ve had a tradition of hosting a women’s retreat at the begining of each season. They’ve been so popular but due to bushfires, floods and now the pandemic, so many of have had to be postponed or cancelled.

So, as a gift to us all, where ever we are, and whatever situation we’re facing, I’m offering an online Spring Equinox Retreat on Sunday September 19th between 1-5pm.

Together we will journey through a time of connection, reflection and renewal.
If would love to explore where you’ve been, what no longer serves you and what you’d like to be creating, this retreat offers you a supported opportunity to:

  • re-connect with yourself and other like-hearted women
  • rest into a sacred space
  • reflect and review where you are now
  • and refresh and renew your vision for your future and the direction you’d love your life to be heading in.

In our retreat we will use a variety of tools and techniques including enquiry, conversation, guided meditation, visualisation and reflection.
All activities will be fully lead on-line in our gentle retreat space.

Spring is such a good time to let go of the old and welcome in the new.
Let’s do it together.
Places are limited and more information and tickets can be found in the link below.









It’s been a big year.
We can feel it ending, slipping away.
And the whole new decade that is coming to take its place.

Ladies, let’s pause and breathe out.
The year is almost over, Christmas is done and a new year yet to commence.
Let’s take a day for ourselves.
Let’s look back on all that has been and let go of all we no longer need.

In our gently held space we can reflect, release and begin to refresh our vision for not only the new year, but the new decade ahead.

Part of Chandu’s seasonal support program, this popular retreat is your day to relax, be nourished and also dream big.

Forget the hollow promises of new year resolutions, take the time to really connect with and create your vision for 2020 and beyond.

Date: Saturday December 28th 2019
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: The Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat, 30 Park Road Woodford, NSW
Investment: $155 or $99 (for concession card holders)
Early bird tickets $135 available before December 13th.

Inclusions: Refreshments, lunch, all resources and a guided labyrinth walk.

Your facilitator and guide: Chandu Bickford is a multi-faceted coach, mentor, medicine woman and guide with over 15 years leading groups and providing support to women to lean into and create the life they love.

Words of praise from Chandu’s recent retreat and workshop participants.

“As a facilitator Chandu is warm, invitational, strong, wise”. B.R.

“I particularly loved Chandu’s presence as a facilitator – the way she holds space, full of permission…” K.P.

”As a facilitator Chandu is an empathetic, intelligent woman. It really helps to have her humour and gentle torch when making change.” F.D.
CLICK ON LINK to book your place
https://events.humanitix.com.au/2020-vision-welcoming-the-new-decade-a-summer-retreat-for-women/ticketsupcoming events


Business Women’s End Of Year Gathering
– Friday December 6th – 9.30-1.30pm
Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat Woodford, NSW

Has this year felt huge for you?
Have you moved through some tough territory, but also had some joy and success?
Would you love to rest, acknowledge it, move on and get ready for something brand new?

Well ladies, here’s your chance!

Join our end of year gathering and farewell the learning and lessons of 2019 and create a strong sense of clarity, vision and purpose for 2020.
Designed especially for Business women, this 4 hour workshop gives you the opportunity to:
– join with like-mind others
– step out the day to day rush
– review your year
– re-set your focus
– and re-ignite your passion for you work as we step into the new decade
Feel l into your heart and listen deeply to your intuitive voice.
Part ceremony, part celebration, part planning day and review, this is day for you to drop deeply into the soul of your work and hear its own sweet song.

Venue: Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat, Woodford NSW
Time 9.30am-1.30pm
Investment; $88 or $77 Early Bird ends November 22.
Inclusions: All resources and a delicious morning tea are provided.

Your host:
Chandu Bickford is a multi-faceted facilitator, mentor, coach and guide with 2 decades experience in education, business and leadership. In both her private practice and her larger group work, Chandu passionately supports women to create sovereign and deeply inspired lives.
Chandu brings her heart, skills and soul to this unique gathering . She has especially designed this day to meet the needs of business women who would love to end this year and start the new decade well.

Chandu is passionate about supporting other women through education and empowerment.
A percentage of each ticket sold goes to educating and supporting women and girls throughout the world.

For more details and to book, follow the ticketing link below or Pm me.

So looking forward to journeying with you.
Chandu xx

Click here for more information and to book your tickets!
Business Women’s End of Year Gathering



Calling all creatives, business people, entrepreneurs and people with vision!

Come and join our unique once a month group and explore, clarify and develop your inspired ideas.

This facilitated group offers you the space to lean into your longings and learn ways to develop with the support of a mentor and guide in a unique group setting.

Limited numbers and bookings are essential.

Email or call me for bookings and more information. Click on the event link here    https://www.facebook.com/events/689052071506991/


One afternoon, once a month – this unique and nourishing space has been created for women to gently unwind and rest into the own heart, needs and desires.

Hosted in the beautiful Blue Labyrinth Buch Retreat in Woodford, this is a two hour deep dive back into yourself.

Bookings are essential and numbers limited.

Email or call me to book. Click the link here for more information



As part of my seasonal support program, this one day retreat offers women a unique opportunity to let go of their old ways and refresh themselves, ready to bring in the new.

A whole day immersion – only one day each season I offer this chance to rest deeply into a day of guided care and release for your and your dreams and vision.

Limited places are available and bookings are essential, please email me or give me a call to book.

For more information click the link  https://www.facebook.com/events/2177355122505924/



Women’s Winter Solstice  Retreat

Sunday June 16th 104.30pm

Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat Woodford NSW.

In winter we naturally feel like we want to be quiet, still and warm.
But our lives don’t follow the seasons, and we find we are still busy, rushing and racing from one task to the next, one day to the next.

Nature provides spaces for us to pause, but we often don’t.
And with all our different roles and responsibilities, we can begin to feel lost, lose our focus and become fatigued.
Dancing through the chaos of the day to day, we can begin to feel we have lost ourselves.

Find yourself again!

Join us for a day and –
REST – into a beautiful, natural space, be nourished, guided, heard and held.
REFLECT – on who you are, how your life is and what you would love to find more of in your world.
RELEASE – the old, outdated and unwanted obstacles that are holding you back.
RECONNECT – with your heart, your vision and the sense of your roots that hold you to the earth and will help you grow when spring-time arrives.

Give yourself a day to recharge.
Come, sit and sip tea, be warmed by the fire and unwrap the layers of your life with a gentle labyrinth walk.

Held in the beautiful Blue Mountains, this retreat is fully catered and hosted by me, Chandu Bickford.
I have been leading groups, and mentoring, coaching and training for over 15 years, both in Australia and overseas.
This year I am only offering 4 solo retreats – one for each season.

This retreat offers you an opportunity to work deeply with your life’s visions and dreams as well as clearing out any old deadwood that no longer serves you.

Lunch morning and afternoon tea are provided.
All activities including discussion, meditation, craft and group work are carefully planned and fully facilitated.
You need only bring your lovely open heart.

Here’s the details
Date: Sunday 16th June 2019
Time: 10am – 4:30pm
Cost: $140 (or $95 concession)

Please email me for more information and bookings – connect@chandubickford.com
Limited spaces are available.
To find out more about my work and events please visit.


Business For Practitioners – a day to ignite your passion, purpose and practice

You know what you do.
You know how it benefits others.
You know how much time you’ve spent developing your skills and techniques to become good at it.

But are you lacking direction or focus?
Do you struggle to find the right words to explain what you offer?
Does your motivation wane because your practice or work-life is not how you imagined it would be?
Have you hit some barriers or obstacles either with your confidence or out there in the world?
Perhaps your business or your vision are in transition?
Maybe you’re just not sure how to move forward?

We all want to serve others.
We all want to do meaningful work, but our dreams and our reality can be very different things.

Leave your clients for a day and come and treat yourself.

Give yourself one day and

– Clarify your ideas, your words and your business vision.
– Learn techniques to tap more fully into your intuition and use it to serve your work.
– Explore and identify your barriers to success and learn ways to overcome them.
– Gather your internal resources and be guided to better use them to meet the needs of both your self and your clients.
– Align your business vision with your life vision so you can move forward with confidence.

Who is this workshop for?
– Therapists, coaches, mentors and practitioners of all modalities.
– Group leaders, spiritual midwives, yoga teachers and one-on-one mentors and guides.
– Women and men who have established practices of varying sizes and client base.
– Women and men who are new to business and/or are just finding their feet as they walk the path doing what they love
– People who have established practices but would love the space to generate new ideas, refresh their spirit and/or work more deeply on themselves and their dreams.

Who am I?
I’m Chandu. I am a practitioner, a business woman, group leader, writer, mentor and mum.
I have studied and taught business and leadership skills for over 15 years and have been leading groups and helping individuals find their passion and apply it practically in the world for the last 10.

In addition to formal business, management and leadership studies, I have undertaken training in conventional coaching as well as Somatic Alchemy Coaching accreditation.
I have studied communication and speaking truthfully with the late Robert Rabin, studied for over two 2 years with Rewilding and have recently completed 18 months training in experiential and therapeutic astrology with a specialist focus on facilitation, voice dialogue and primal therapy.
My work and my approach to it, is diverse and multi-dimensional.
In my own practice I have created a unique mix of contemporary coaching and mentoring skills and complement them with knowledge of archetypes, intuition, ritual and deep embodiment.

I first discovered my passion for business while living in Africa. My decade there showed me how business was a powerful vehicle it was for helping people change their lives. I started my first business supporting African women almost 20 years ago and since that time, I have created both international and local businesses.

I now specialise in supporting practitioners, therapists and coaches to deepen their intuition and understanding of their own journey, so they can serve their clients with more depth, integrity and heart.

What others have said about workshops with Chandu –
“Chandu is present, fun, loving and professional” M.L

“As a facilitator Chandu is brilliant and masterful. The strong space holding facilitated a major breakthrough for me. Her facilitation was so skilful and caring that I could navigate my own obstacles. Todays work got me to completion for the first time ever.” Jill Lacina

“Chandu is intelligent, gracious, clear, vulnerable and a good role model” D.S.

“Chandu is intuitive and respectful in her holding of personal process.” Liz Rummery

This workshop is a whole day immersion for you to work on yourself, your passion and your practice.

It is filled with practical tools for you to take away and use immediately in your business.

We will do a mix of activities throughout the day including movement, written reflection, group activities, guided meditations and visualisation as well as fun and play.

About our venue: Nestled in a beautiful private valley in the heart of blue mountains, this venue offers space, calm, quiet and tranquility for a day of deep work, reflection and learning close to nature.

Date: Saturday July 27th 2019
Time: 9-5pm
Venue: Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat, Woodford NSW.
Investment: inclusive of lunch, morning and afternoon tea and all resources $225 or $155 concession.

Get your tickets here:-


Facebook link here


This workshop has limited places available
For more information and to book your place please email.  connect@chandubickford.com



August 15-20 2019  ~  Mount Gibson Station, Western Australia
​With Daniel Sowelu and Chandu Bickford.

Click here for more information and booking details

This retreat is an opportunity to get away from civilisation, to open ourselves gently and deeply to the sacred energies of the land and to reconnect with the indigenous archetypes within us, whatever our cultural backgrounds.

Our home base is an established bush camp in the middle of the exceptional Mount Gibson Station, five hours by road from Perth in the semidesert midwest region of Western Australia. The property, a former sheep station and more recently a conservation sanctuary, is a unique and beautiful mix of acacia and eucalypt wood land, quartz ridges, a massive salt lake and multiple micro environments.

Spiritually, it is a powerful place with multiple sites and is the intersection of a number of song lines connecting with Uluru, north NSW and the Northern Territory and extending into the mid and south-west of Western Australia.

Daniel has a long association with the property, having led regular retreats on it from 1996 to 2007, having fallen in love with it on his first visit. For the following decade, it was closed off to the public for conservation reasons and was only recently re-opened.

To enhance our connection to this land and its spirit, the program will include daily circles, meditation, ritual and ceremony, visits to local sites and bushwalks, led by Daniel and Chandu Bickford. This will be supplemented by a presentation from the conservation staff, sessions on the WA bush flower essences with specialist Cloudia Defrenne, and a rich day with the senior Budimia elder Darryl Fogerty.

The pace of the program will be gentle and unhurried, with plenty of time in between experiences for sharing meals, enjoying the campfires under the full moon, for contemplation and private walks.

October 5-20 2019  ~  Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra State, India
* dates subject to change by a day or two.
For Both Men and Women, Singles and Couples
​With Daniel Sowelu and Chandu Bickford.

Click here for more information and booking details

This tour and retreat is an opportunity to go into the heart of Indian culture to explore inwardly and outwardly the Shiva Shakti traditions of India as reflections of the different faces, the power and the joy of the sacred masculine and feminine within each of us.

Our venue is a home stay in the small pilgrimage town of Ganeshpuri with a local Indian family. From there we will be visiting temples in the region to the deities, including Shiva, Laxmi and Ganesh, Rama and Sita, Saraswati, Krishna and Radha, Lalita, Kali, Parvati and their local representatives.

Our stay coincides with the festival of Navratri, 9 days of honouring the goddess, culminating in the Durga Ashtami, the day of the year dedicated to the Goddess Durga. Each evening the normally quiet village erupts with joyous chanting and celebrations.

Our daily program includes meditations, astrological circle work, chanting, mantras and ceremonies to prepare ourselves inwardly to open to the grace of the sacred marriage, to open to the possibility for life-changing spiritual, emotional and tantric awakenings.

The outer adventures include day long and overnight trips to significant goddess temples, including the great mountain temple of the Saptashrungi Devi, one of 51 Shakti Peethas of the goddess found across India and Tibet.

To honour the sacred masculine, the trip will also take in the ancient Jyoti-linga Shiva temple in Trimbakeshwara and the Kumbla Mela pilgrimage site in the town of Nasik.


Past Events

THE HARVEST ~ A day retreat for women to rest, reflect & reap.
March 23 2019 ~ Blue Mountains ~  NSW.

We are currently in the height of summer.
Everything feels lush, green and abundant.
All around us nature feels full and ripe.

But what is happening inside us?
What areas have we been tending well?
Which parts of our lives could use more care?
What are we ready to end, remove or finish up?
What fruits are we ready to reap?

The seasons are shifting.
Autumn is soon to arrive and with it the natural desire to slow down and soak in its golden sunshine.

Join us for a day of contemplation and conversation.
A day of guidance that will help you enquire into and get clear about what you really want and why it is important to you.
A day just for you, to look deeply within, to soften into the season of autumn and listen to the questions and the answers of your heart.

This one day retreat for women is hosted in the beautiful Blue Mountains by Chandu Bickford. As an educator, coach, mentor and guide, Chandu has been leading groups here and abroad for over 15 years. Her gentle, conversational leadership style invokes, uplifts and inspires others through her one on one work, groups, teaching, writing and public speaking events.

What others are saying about Chandu’s retreats:

“Chandu is respectful, experienced, wise, knowledgeable and caring.” – Y.Sangster

“As a facilitator Chandu makes it easy to work on the hard things.” – D.R.

“I appreciate the non-intrusive style of facilitation and workshop design. It feels honouring of self and personal process.” – L Rummery.

Our day will be a mix of conversation, enquiry, individual and group work. We will include some guided meditation, gentle movement and a labyrinth walk.
No experience is necessary.
Simply come with an open heart and mind.

All resources and a lovely vegetarian meal, and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Venue: Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat, Woodford, NSW
Date: Saturday 23rd March
Time: 10-4:30pm
Cost: $145 or $99 for concession card holders.

For bookings and more information contact Chandu at
Email: Connect@chandubickford.com
Phone: 0487 808 030

Click here to see more information about this event on Facebook.

THE GIFT ~ A day for women to relax, reflect, release and renew.
December 29 2018 ~ Blue Mountains ~  NSW.

It’s been a long year.

We know. We’ve all felt it.
The demands, the responsibilities, the commitments, the crazy pace and goings on.

We have done well.
We’ve made it… almost to the finish line.

But we are tired.

All year we have been showing up, serving and giving to others.
Fulfilling so many different roles. Not checking in with ourselves as often as we’ve needed to.

It is time to pause. To rest and breathe out.

The year is almost over. Now it’s time for you.

Join us and give yourself – The Gift.

The gift of –
time & space.

  • To review your last twelve months.
  • To release any of its hurts, disappointments, stress & strain.
  • To restore your energy and
  • Re-ignite your vision, your inspiration and focus for the year to come.

We will gather.
In the gentle and sacred space of the Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

We will connect.
As women, as mothers, sisters and friends.

We will create.
A safe and welcoming environment for all of us to relax and lean into.

And we will journey.
With guided activities to help us reflect on our year, release the old and renew our vision, choices and intentions for the year ahead.

Our day will include gentle movement, solo and shared reflection activities, guided meditation and a beautiful labyrinth walk.

My name is Chandu and I will be your host and guide for the day. I was born and raised in the Blue Mountains and I have been leading groups both here and overseas for over 15 years.

I am an educator, a facilitator, a poet, mentor and mum.
I am passionate about creating opportunities for connection, conversation and change, and am so looking forward to sharing this day with you.

Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in.
Bring a water bottle, a shawl or yoga mat and a journal to write in.

All other resources will be supplied for you on the day.
A wholesome vegetarian lunch, morning and afternoon tea and refreshments are provided.

Cost: $135 or $85 for concession card holders.

I am also creating a number of places for women facing financial hardship.
Please contact me if this is you and you wish to join, or if know of a woman who would benefit from joining the retreat. There is also an option for waged women to give back and help subsidise the gift of this day for a less fortunate sister.

For bookings and more information contact Chandu at
Email: Connect@chandubickford.com
Phone: 0487 808 030

Click here to see more information about this event on Facebook.

PASSION, PURPOSE & PROMISE – An Alchemical Life Visioning Workshop
July 28 & 29th 2018  ~ Blue Mountains ~  NSW.

We all have so many unique and powerful gifts, and yet many of us feel we are not clear on what they are or how to fully embrace them. This two day workshop offers you fantastic opportunities to:

  • identify and clarify your gifts
  • explore and expand on their brilliance and
  • deeply embody them so you can activate their power in your life.
  • Hosted by myself and phenomenal astrologer, therapist and teacher, Daniel Sowelu, this workshop is a divine gift to your deepest self.
  • For bookings and all information please visit   https://danielsowelu.com/events/ or https://www.facebook.com/events/378142522674082/

ALIGN YOUR INNER COMPASS – A one day workshop to help you navigate your hearts journey.
June 30th 2018 ~  Wilton ~ NSW.

Join Tristan Betts and myself for a day of warmth, re-direction and wisdom on . For bookings and all information please follow the fb link or simply call us.



What would you love to say?Why aren't you saying it? Join us for a day of exploring our inner selves: – – the…

Posted by Chandu Bickford on Sunday, 25 February 2018


9 September 2017 ~ Blue Mountains ~  NSW.

Saturday, September 9 at 9:30 AM – 5 PM
Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat 30 Park Rd, Woodford, NSW

Click here to view a flyer with event details, or
Click here to see more information about this event on Facebook.