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How to feel calm, clear, creative and confident as a woman moving through the changes and challenges of mid-life without taking on more to do.

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How to feel calm, clear, creative and confident as a woman moving through the changes and challenges of mid-life without taking on more to do.

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5-week program commencing: May 6 2024
LOCATION: Live On Zoom

Can you really rediscover and reconnect with those creative, adventurous and inspired parts of yourself again without taking on lots more to do? 🤔

Do you struggle to set boundaries with others so you can make your needs a priority? 🤔 Or wonder when there will be a good time to take stock of your life and make some choices and changes to prioritise yourself? 🤔

Should you even bother thinking about creating time and space to look at your own needs? 🤔 Maybe you are already ‘doing’ a host of things to currently look after yourself yet feel like you’re not getting the clarity, rest and sense of satisfaction you desire?

If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.

Let me show you how you too can bravely build a better tomorrow by accessing your own ‘inner pilgrim’ and your own big brave heart. Join our gentle 5-week program to take you from feeling disconnected, uninspired and weary to feeling calm, confident and clearer about who you are, what you want and where you’re headed as you navigate the changing territory of midlife. Inner Pilgrim is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to feeling more rested, clear and connected to yourself and your life.

What others say about Chandu’s programs

“I’ve tried so many things over the years, but this program has made me feel calm and confident in completely new ways.”Dawn.

“I loved the tools we learned, especially the ones that helped us move forward without feeling overwhelmed.”Lisa.

“Our group was so supportive, we all deeply respected each other.”Sal.

“I got so excited about connecting with our group every week.”Tania.

5 reviews for Inner Pilgrim Program

  1. Tania Grasseschi

    Chandu’s previous programs have been truly transformative for me. Her teachings, meditations, and insightful discussions within our heart-felt group of women created a life-changing experience. The journey of learning, coupled with the unwavering support and motivation, led to deep personal insights that left me inspired and empowered to navigate life’s transitions with newfound strength and clarity. I so look forward to doing this new program.

  2. Nicole Law

    I joined this prgoram at a time of uncertainty and confusion – it was the second Covid lockdown in Sydney, I had the kids at home and thought I was doing a terrible job of homeschooling, and I had just lost my job. With Chandu’s gentle guidance, we stepped through a program leading us back to a sense of wholeness and calm – we might not have all the answers but we could keep walking toward them, trusting our own inner wisdom. I particularly love the guided meditations and look back at my notes even now, finding truth and reassurance in them a couple of years later. I also loved the sense of support offered by a group of beautiful women – we were all strangers, but Chandu always seems to collect just the right sort of people around her! I’ve gone on to work with Chandu one-on-one and couldn’t speak of her work more highly.

  3. Melody

    I loved this program so much, I am coming back for more! Chandu’s program really helped me shed layers around my heart and open into places I hadn’t seen or felt for some time. It truly was a liberating and memorable experience. I am excited to see what this next iteration has in store for me. The reconnection with self (as a woman firmly planted in mid-life), other women in the group, and Chandu is priceless. Chandu is one of the most profound space holders and guides I have had the pleasure of working with.

  4. Elizabeth B

    A space to listen, nurture and reflect is so hard to find. That’s why the opportunity to connect in with one of Chandu’s programs was so invaluable to me. Working with Chandu, amongst like-seeking women is such a privilege. An opportunity to challenge assumptions about myself or situations. An opportunity to connect, meditate and feel inspired.

  5. Kim W

    I have had the privilege of being a part of several of Chandu’s group workshops. Every group has allowed me to gently grow and deepen my knowledge of myself. Seeds of resilience, self-trust, courage and strength were planted and still continue to grow. Chandu facilitates this through storytelling, intuitive questioning and time for journaling, as well as guided meditations. She is a gifted leader who is able to create a safe space for honest reflection and connection with others. I highly recommend her workshops.

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